Do I need to sign a contract for the service I requested?
Yes. Chris&Davis Media signs the contract with all the clients. This is a way we believe to guarantee the quality of the works. 

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Do the interpreters travel to my country?
Not all language service providers are the same. Unlike others, Chris&Davis Media provides Chinese and English Language only because we dedicated all our experiences and in Chinese and English language, this is why the world’s most successful companies and organizations have trusted us. If Chinese and English language services are your needs, we believe we are the best choice.

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What are the language services do you offer?


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Chris&Davis Media’s Interpreters will never leave you in the lurch. Depending on the duration of overtime, extra payment may be applied with additional contract.
What happens if my meeting goes over the hours stipulated in the contract?
Do I need to order simultaneous interpretation equipment my own?
How to get my work started?
Chris&Davis Media offers the most professional English/Chinese interpretation services: Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation and Phone Interpretation. Translation service: We have more than 300 certified translation experts who are from China, United States, UK and Australia with Professional and Cost efficiency. Voice over/dub service: All of our dub artists are radio professionals; we will produce your every single work in radio quality.
World NO.1 English-Chinese Solution
What all you need is to fill out the quote request form and our specialist will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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It’s all upon your request. Chris&Davis Interpreters support all interpreted events from all corners of the world.
What Language do you interpret?




It is not necessary to order any equipment in your own. Chris&Davis Media will analysis your event needs and provide you the most cost effective and suitable equipment. Read more about Simultaneous Interpretation.